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Annie Gladden


Welcome 5th Graders and Families!!!

August 2019


Hello, and welcome to 5th grade! I am very excited about the new school year.  I have enjoyed teaching here at Taft for 14 years. I am looking forward to embarking on my 15th year as a 5th grade teacher at Taft.   This year will be a lot of fun and your child will have an opportunity to explore and learn many new things in several different ways.   We will be using multiple chapter books as a class throughout the year for Reading. Your children will also be perfecting their skills in Writing, Spelling, and Math.  Science and Social Studies will also be investigated. We will be implementing Reading and Math flex groups as part of our curriculum. They will also be spending some time with new computer programs on the Smartboard and Chromebooks!

    In order to have an exciting year with few problems, I would like each student to understand the expectations of the class.   As a class we will be creating our own classroom expectation contract the first week of school. 

    Your child may bring their own (12oz or less) bottle for water, since hydrated minds think best!  They will bring them home at the end of each week to wash. NO GLASS CONTAINERS!!

    With the exception of book reports, studying for tests, Math, or special projects, homework will not be assigned.  There should be enough time during the day to complete most work. Any work not completed by 3:00 p.m. should be taken home to finish and returned by 8:00 a.m. the following school day!  Your child will be held accountable for this responsibility.   If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to write me a note or email me at We will also be updating our classroom website which can be found on the Enid Public Schools website.  With your help and support, we should all have an amazing year!!


Thank you,

Mrs. Gladden




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